Services - What Junction Media can offer you

Databases and Dynamic Content

Dynamic Programming

Different programming languages will be utilised by Junction Media to ensure your site performs successfully under your host server requirements. We have technical capabilities in DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Flash and CSS. The benefits of us choosing the correct programming language for your solution means we can set up:

  • Updateable pages and administration access for your staff.
  • Password only areas of your website.
  • Customised forms that send to the email or fax of your choice.
  • Personalised pages for your customers when they visit your site.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Interactive sections of your site.

Database Creation

Your website may have many different products, graphics and or prices that require constant updating from a database. A database is usually necessary for website direct sales. Databases that we can create for you are listed below:

  • Online shopping & secure credit card facilities.
  • Updateable product/property listings.
  • Customer details database.
  • This means that your staff can update your usual database and know that the information has been updated to your online customers as well.

Web Front-End for Existing Databases

We can also develop a web interface for many databases used commonly in business (e.g. MS Access or Excel). This is useful for staff working in multiple locations or staff intranets, as information can be entered or extracted via the interface if required.

Key benefits are increased efficiency, error reduction, quicker business reporting and increased communication amongst divisions.

View an example of a dynamic site here.