Services - What Junction Media can offer you

Marketing Strategies

A business cannot afford to have an out-of-date website that doesn't match it's current marketing strategy, or business plan.

Business Needs Analysis

We recommend analysing your website requirements first. There are many aspects to consider so we can provide you with a customised solution:

  • Are you looking to generate business off the internet?
  • Why do you want a website?
  • Who will be using your site the most? (e.g. your staff, existing customers or new customers?)
  • Will customers be placing orders via your website?
  • Do you plan to direct customers and staff to your website to source information that they used to get elsewhere?
  • What kind of information will be on your website?
  • How regularly will your site need to be updated? (Weekly, monthly, seasonally?)
  • Do you plan to use your site as a source of customer research?
  • Will you be listing your website on any other forms of advertising?
  • Do you plan to use your website with any other marketing activities (including email newsletters) in the next year?
  • Would you like more traffic through your website?

Search Engine Optimisation

A high search engine ranking can make a significant difference to the number of visits to your site. No visits, no return on investment. Junction Media takes the time and effort to include the factors and features that affect how sites are indexed and ranked. These are:

  • Designing your site specifically to be search engine friendly.
  • The underlying code is written to attract search engines.
  • Submitting your sites to search engines.


If required we can provide monthly or quarterly reports on web visit statistics and conclusions. This information can be used to track how your website performs in line with other marketing activities.