Services - What Junction Media can offer you

Website Development

Interface Design

We design web interfaces which are creative, attractive, easy to use, and simple to interact with.

Our sites are developed using a strong design focus, and each graphic element is designed for your web audience - not just repeating your print brochures. These interfaces have high accessibility and readability. Our navigation is easy to follow and sites are quick loading.


Your target audience will have a different computer set-up than yours. Therefore, we develop sites that are easily accessed and read by your target demographic. Our development factors include:

  • Type of computer being used (Mac and Windows).
  • Typical monitor size.
  • Web browser type - for example older browsers may display content differently than newer ones.
  • How fast (or slow!) their internet connection may be.

These are all factors that make or break a site to a potential customer.

Website Updates

We can update an existing website – from basic text or image updates to complete over-hauls. This means that your online presence matches your marketing and business goals. We can also develop your website so that simple updates can be made later by your own staff if you wish.


We test each stage of website development to determine that usability and accessibility criteria are met. This also assures no nasty surprises at signoff.

Above all, we regularly communicate with you to ensure your satisfaction with your finished site.